5 Creative Ideas for Incorporating a Lawn Into a Small Yard

5 Creative Ideas for Incorporating a Lawn Into a Small Yard

5 Creative Ideas for Incorporating a Lawn Into a Small Yard


When it comes to designing your small yard, it's easy to feel limited with space. But don't let a lack of space stop you from having the outdoor space of your dreams. A small yard doesn't mean you have to compromise on a lush green lawn. With some creative ideas, you can incorporate a lawn into your small yard, bringing life and balance to your outdoor space. Here are 5 creative ideas to get you started.


1. Design a Multifunctional Space

Before you plan your lawn space, think about how you want to use your yard. A lawn space could also be a space for entertaining, play area, or even an outdoor dining area. Design a multifunctional space by dividing your yard into zones. The lawn space can be the focal point of the yard while other zones can be created for different activities.

2. Create a Curved Lawn Space

If you have a small yard, you might be tempted to create straight lines to make your yard look bigger. Instead, try creating curved lawn space. Curved lines create an optical illusion of more space and can help create depth in your yard. A curved lawn also adds a more natural feel to your yard.

3. Install Pavers to Create a Pattern

If you have an existing small lawn space, you can add visual interest by installing pavers. Pavers can be used to create borders around the lawn, and they can also be used to create a pattern. By installing pavers in a pattern next to the lawn, you can create a focal point and make your small yard feel more spacious.

4. Add Water Features

Water features like fountains or small reflecting pools can create a soothing atmosphere in your outdoor space while taking up minimal space. Water features can also be used to draw attention away from areas of your yard that you might not want to highlight, like the street or a neighbor's house.

5. Layer in Plantings with Different Heights

By layering in plantings with different heights, you can create a feeling of depth in your yard. Start with low-lying groundcovers and work your way up to taller plants or trees. This helps create a sense of depth that makes your small yard feel larger than it is. By keeping your lawn space in the center, you can create a natural and balanced look.



Don't let a small yard stop you from incorporating a lawn into your outdoor space. By designing a multifunctional space and using techniques like curved lines, pavers, water features, and layering in plantings, you can create a visually interesting and functional yard. From The Ground Up landscaping can help you create the outdoor space of your dreams.  If you're looking for sod companies in Orlando, FL, contact us today for a free estimate!

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