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Pickleball, the rapidly growing sport in the United States, has captured the hearts of players of all ages due to its easy-to-learn nature and enjoyable gameplay. VersaCourt pickleball courts offer a versatile solution, allowing installation over existing surfaces or a fast setup on flat concrete or asphalt pads. These court systems require minimal upkeep and are designed to withstand consistent use and harsh weather conditions, without succumbing to the cracks and fractures commonly associated with traditional acrylic surfaces. Unsurprisingly, facility owners and managers are embracing these courts, recognizing their popularity and durability.

From The Ground Up Landscaping, Inc.

Enhance Your Game

Our modular pickleball court tile system offers a great alternative to professional acrylic courts, enhancing the practice experience at your facilities. With our Pickleball Performance courts, known for their naturally quick pace of play, you will be well-prepared for those perfect paced dinks when game time arrives.

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Pickleball Performance

Our modular court systems are designed to seamlessly accommodate multiple sports, including Pickleball. The Pickleball Performance tile, inspired by the iconic outdoor game tile, inherits its design. What sets our Pickleball Performance tile apart from others is the special blend of materials that ensures a true bounce with each dink.

We took into account valuable feedback from our customers to create this recreational tile with real players in mind. While it's not intended for professional use, this unique blend offers durability, comfort, and a bounce that meets regulation standards. You can see the difference for yourself when you compare the bounce of our Pickleball Performance tile to a 100% polypropylene tile.

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Benefits of Court Tile

Effortlessly maintain cleanliness with a simple sweep, a gentle rinse from a hose, or the power of a leaf blower.
We provide both limited and lifetime warranties for our VersaCourt systems, ensuring peace of mind and long-lasting satisfaction for our customers.
The distinctive surface profile provides exceptional grip and traction, surpassing all others.
The surface of tiles remains up to 50% cooler compared to concrete or asphalt, providing a refreshing and comfortable experience.
This product is designed to withstand aggressive play and harsh weather conditions, ensuring durability and reliability even in challenging environments.
Tile is offered in an extensive range of color options, providing you with a plethora of choices to suit your preferences and style.
We can customize it so you’re able to add your favorite game lines, designs and logos
Offers exceptional cushioning and support for players, reducing strain on their knees, joints, and lower backs.
From The Ground Up Landscaping, Inc.
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