How to Get a Healthy and Lush Lawn in Heavy Shade

How to Get a Healthy and Lush Lawn in Heavy Shade

How to Get a Healthy and Lush Lawn in Heavy Shade

Having a well-manicured lawn is a dream come true for most homeowners. However, it can be a challenge to achieve such beauty when your outdoor area is shaded heavily. The lack of sunlight in these areas can make it difficult for grass to thrive, but it's not impossible to attain a lush lawn. This blog post aims to give you tips on how to get your lawn growing in heavy shade.

1. Select Shade-Tolerant Grass Varieties

When it comes to growing a lawn in heavy shade, it's essential to choose the right type of grass. Some grass types prefer sunlight and won't grow properly in the shade. Shade-tolerant grass varieties, on the other hand, can withstand low-light conditions. Fine fescue, St. Augustine, and Zoysia grass are some of the best options.

2. Overseed with Shade-Tolerant Grass Seeds

In addition to choosing shade-tolerant grass varieties, overseeding your lawn with such grass seeds can also help. It's best to sow the seeds in the fall or early spring when the temperatures are cooler and the soil is moist. Overseeding will help fill in any thin or bare spots in your lawn, making it denser and more robust.

3. Prune Trees and Shrubs

If your lawn is too shaded, pruning trees and shrubs is an excellent option. Trimming down overgrown branches and foliage will allow more sunlight to get to your lawn. Furthermore, it reduces the competition for nutrients and moisture in the soil. Pruning is a simple, yet effective way to bring light and life back to your lawn.

4. Use Fertilizers Conducive for Shade

Fertilizing your lawn is essential in keeping it healthy and lush, but not all fertilizers are made equal. When growing a lawn in heavy shade, choose fertilizers that promote growth in low-light conditions. Look for packages that contain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as iron and magnesium. These nutrients improve the lawn's health and provide an extra boost for it to grow better in the shade.

5. Install Hardscape Features As Complement

Another way to maintain a beautiful backyard while dealing with a heavy shade is by installing hardscape features. Pavers, patios, decks, and pathways are excellent additions to complement and accentuate your lawn. These hardscape features can add functionality and style while reducing the surface area that needs maintenance.



Growing a lawn in heavy shade takes time, patience, and wise planning, but it's possible to achieve the desired result. From choosing the right grass variety to pruning trees and shurbs, and using fertilizers conducive for low-light conditions, the tips in this blog post can help you get a healthy and lush lawn in areas that receive minimal sunlight. Remember to consult with a professional landscaper if you need further assistance in maintaining your lawn in heavy shade. Contact From The Ground Up Landscaping to get free estimates for sod installation in Orlando, FL.

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