How to Use Fake Grass to Make Your Balcony Feel Like a Garden

How to Use Fake Grass to Make Your Balcony Feel Like a Garden

How to Use Fake Grass to Make Your Balcony Feel Like a Garden


Living in a city with limited outdoor space can be challenging, but it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the beauty of nature. If you have a balcony or terrace, even if it's small, you can create a lush garden that you can enjoy year-round. And the best part is, you don't have to deal with the hassle of maintaining real grass. In this blog post, we'll discuss how to use fake grass to make your balcony feel like a garden.


1. Determine the Right Type of Grass

Before you start shopping for fake grass, you need to consider the type of grass that will work best for your balcony. There are various types of fake grass, and each one has a unique appearance, texture, and color. You should look for a grass that is durable, has a natural-looking color and texture, and is easy to maintain. You should also consider the height of the pile as the higher the pile, the more it looks like real grass.

2. Measure Your Balcony

To know how much fake grass you need, measure your balcony accurately. Make sure that you measure the length and width, and don't forget to take into account any corners or irregular shapes. You should also measure any drainage holes on your balcony floor and make sure to cut the fake grass to fit around them.

3. Prepare the Surface

Before you lay the fake grass, make sure to prepare the surface. Clean your balcony thoroughly, removing any debris, dirt, or dust. If there are any cracks or unevenness on the surface, fill them in and level them out. You can use a self-leveling compound to ensure an even surface for your grass.

4. Lay the Fake Grass

Once the surface is ready, it's time to lay the fake grass. Start by unrolling the fake grass and cutting it to fit the area of your balcony. Make sure to leave a few inches around the perimeter as you can trim them later. If you have a large balcony, make sure to have someone help you with the installation. If you have patio furniture or plants, make sure to move them aside while you're laying the grass. 

5. Maintain the Fake Grass

Now that your balcony looks like a garden, it's essential to maintain the fake grass to ensure its longevity. You should brush the grass regularly to keep the pile standing upright and remove any debris. You can use a broom or a special tool designed for fake grass. Make sure to avoid using harsh detergents or chemicals as they can damage the grass. If you spill anything on the fake grass, clean it up promptly to avoid staining.



In conclusion, using fake grass is an excellent way to create a beautiful and low-maintenance garden on your balcony. With the right type of grass, accurate measurements, proper preparation, and regular maintenance, you can make your balcony feel like a lush garden all year round. By following our tips, you can enjoy the benefits of greenery in your urban home without the hassle of maintaining real grass. If you're planning for a patio and driveway turf inlay in Florida, contact From the Ground Up Landscaping today for a free estimate.

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