Tips to Prevent Brown Spots Caused by the Dog in Your Lawn

Tips to Prevent Brown Spots Caused by the Dog in Your Lawn

Tips to Prevent Brown Spots Caused by the Dog in Your Lawn


While we love our furry friends, the sight of brown spots caused by dog pee can be frustrating for any homeowner. These spots not only make your lawn look unattractive, but they can also cause damage to the grass, resulting in patchy and bare areas. If you're tired of dealing with brown spots and want to prevent them from happening, keep reading to learn some helpful tips.


1. Water your lawn regularly 

One of the best ways to prevent brown spots in your lawn is to regularly water your lawn. The urine in dog pee contains nitrogen, which is great for fertilizing the lawn, but too much of it can cause burning and brown spots. By watering the lawn immediately after your dog pees, you can dilute the nitrogen, reducing the damage caused by it.

2. Train your dog to pee in a designated area 

Another way to prevent brown spots is to train your dog to pee in a designated area of the lawn that isn't visible or isn't frequently used. You can use a specific part of the yard or create a separate potty spot to direct your dog's urine into an area that won't affect the rest of your lawn. You can also purchase products, such as dog rocks, to put in your dog's drinking water that will neutralize the nitrogen in their pee.

3. Feed your dog a balanced diet 

A diet that is too high in protein can increase the amount of nitrogen in your dog's urine, making it more likely to cause brown spots. Make sure your dog's diet is balanced and doesn't contain too much protein. Additionally, ensure that your dog always has fresh water available to help dilute their urine.

4. Discover and treat diseased or damaged grass 

Unhealthy grass is more susceptible to damage from dog urine and can be more prone to brown spots. If you notice brown patches in your lawn that don't seem to be related to your pet's pee, you likely have diseased or damaged grass. You should identify the problem and treat it accordingly by seeking professional landscaping services in Orlando, FL.

5. Consider installing artificial turf 

If you're tired of dealing with brown spots and can't seem to find a solution, you can consider installing artificial turf. Artificial grass won't be affected by dog pee, eliminating the need to worry about brown spots and damage caused by your furry friend.



Brown spots caused by dog pee can be frustrating, but with some knowledge and preventative measures, you can reduce the damage to your lawn. Regular watering, training your dog to use designated areas, feeding them a balanced diet, identifying and treating diseased or damaged grass, or installing artificial turf can all help stop brown spots from appearing.  If you need help with landscaping or sod installation in Orlando, FL, you can reach out to From The Ground Up Landscaping for professional landscaping services.

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