What to Expect with a Newly Sodded Lawn

What to Expect with a Newly Sodded Lawn

What to Expect with a Newly Sodded Lawn


A beautiful lawn is every homeowner’s dream. It not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the house but also creates a serene atmosphere. When it comes to achieving a lush green lawn, sodding is the way to go. Sodding is the process of laying down pre-grown grass with a layer of soil. It is a quick and easy way to have a beautiful lawn without waiting for seeds to grow, and it provides immediate results. If you’re wondering what to expect from a newly sodded lawn, keep reading.


1. Instant High-Quality Grass

Sodding is a great way to save time and effort in the long run. You don't have to worry about growing grass from seeds and waiting for it to establish. After the installation of sod, you'll have an instant lawn. The sod is grown under controlled circumstances that ensure the highest quality grass. You'll also avoid weeds as the sod is weed-free.

2. Regular Watering

After installation, it’s crucial to give your new lawn regular watering. Watering it correctly is necessary to establish a healthy root system. You'll need to water your lawn daily for the first two weeks. Gradually reduce watering to twice a week. After proper rooting, you can switch to weekly watering. It’s essential to avoid overwatering as this can cause soggy soil and disease problems.

3. Mowing Your Lawn

Mowing is important to maintain the new lawn’s aesthetic appeal. You'll need to wait approximately two weeks before the first mow. Ensure the height of the mower blade is appropriately set. The first cut should remove only a third of the grass blades’ height. Weekly mowing is recommended, depending on the length of the grass.

4. Fertilization

Applying fertilizer is important for your new lawn’s health. You'll need to wait six to eight weeks before fertilizing your sodded lawn. This period allows for the roots to establish themselves. After grass establishment, apply fertilizer every six to eight weeks. This will ensure the health and growth of your new lawn.

5. Weed Control

One of the benefits of sodding is that it is weed-free. However, weeds can still grow in your lawn, so it’s important to control them before they spread. Nitrogen-filled fertilizers are recommended for weed control. This is because the fertilizers will promote the healthy growth of the grass while impeding the growth of weeds.



In conclusion, a newly sodded lawn is an excellent choice for those who want an instant, high-quality lawn. As with all things, it requires proper care and attention to achieve its full potential. Regular watering, proper mowing, applying fertilizer, and weed control will ensure the health and growth of your lawn. If you're looking for professional help in sod installation or sod removal in Orlando, FL, From The Ground Up Landscaping is your go-to team. Contact them today for free estimates.

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